Leather Pouches Tradition

The ‘Tradition’ model quickly became a popular and indispensable daily item, thanks to the compact size and luxurious finish. The design ensures that the case doubles as an advertisement for the independent optician, facilitating word-of-mouth recommendations within personal and professional circles.

This stylish case soon took the place of the branded ones which were often unwieldy and therefore not often used, and which had ultimately only served to promote the spectacle brands to the detriment of the opticians themselves. Along with the usual compliments such as “hey those glasses really suit you!” came praise for the optician who sold them, thus promoting their original eyewear collections and their expertise to future customers.

Les MaliYeux inspiré par la Monarchie Belge ...

Photo d’archive de la Reine Paola et son étui personnalisé « Les Opticiens Bodart » - fournisseur breveté de la Cour Royale. Ou comment mettre en avant avantageusement son opticien en société.