About les MaliYeux
How it started… how it’s going

The founder of Les MaliYeux, Frenchman Fabien Gribaudo, is a man with extensive experience in the European eyewear market. Like all the best adventures, MaliYeux’s began serendipitously. Gribaudo’s independent optician clients were always telling him that what they wanted was a really good, simple spectacle case rather than having to put up with whichever free one they got from the spectacle manufacturer.

Taking an ‘elegant simplicity’ approach, and using simple yet bold designs, Gribaudo created a case which could feature the name of the optician, thus allowing it to effectively double as a business card, adding the final touch of luxury to this luxurious, slimline product with natural leather, sourced from Europe’s finest tanneries. This elegant accessory would quickly become a vital part of the wearer’s daily life, showcasing their optician’s excellence and expertise to all who saw it.

The design thus ensures that the case also doubles as an advertisement for the independent optician, facilitating word-of-mouth recommendations within personal and professional circles. This stylish case soon took the place of the branded ones which were often unwieldy and therefore not often used, and which had ultimately only served to promote the spectacle brands to the detriment of the opticians themselves.

They soon became a roaring success. Optician clients found that word was getting out to customers’ friends, family and colleagues, with their business becoming a talking point at family gatherings, work, sporting activities and days out. The compact size and luxurious finish of the Traditions model meant it quickly became a popular and indispensable daily item.

Along with the usual compliments such as “hey those glasses really suit you!” came praise for the optician who sold them, thus promoting their original eyewear collections and their expertise to future customers.

Buoyed up by this initial success, Fabien Gribaudo went on to create his own brand Les MaliYeux. Alongside the spectacle cases are a whole range of predominantly leather accessories, available to opticians.

The aim of Les MaliYeux is simple: to supply independent opticians with unique, luxury accessories which enhance the customer experience and elevate their status not only with the customer but in the eyes of their immediate circle.

The number of opticians who count us as a trusted partner is constantly growing, and we hope to count you among their ranks very soon!

See you soon!